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engelkes|tv  is offering ENG crews for TV productions in Germany and worldwide. engelkes|tv is producing stories for TV stations, companies and www. Also live streaming.

Ulfert Engelkes is a Filmmaker and executive producer based in CGN Cologne/Bonn. All over Germany and Europe service: news coverage, documentaries, corporate TV, ENG crew (Sony PXW-FS5 (4K), Panasonic P2 HPX500, Canon XF300 or Canon 5DII/60D). At engelkes|tv I am equipped with first class camera equipments operated by my camera woman and sister Doerte Engelkes.

I offer my long lasting experience in news coverage (since 1986) and in producing stories and footage with an educational and social background. I am used to work in the middle of nowhere right in the field – as I did for example in Sierra Leone (refugee camps), The Gambia (Health Centre and nursery school in the bush), Tanzania (anti-Malaria campaign), India (Leprocy), Russia (psychological help for victims of Beslan terrorist attack), Georgia (home for disabled children) and Moldava (hospital and home for abandoned children).

Contact:   +49 177 3272697       info(at)engelkes-tv.de

Customers feedback:

 A letter from Toronto (2007)  „I wish to convey to you my sincere appreciation and congratulations to you for dedication and excellence that demonstrated in creating such work of high quality. The movie was a joy to watch.“ (Lloyd McKell/School Board Toronto/Canada)

A Well done  from Cologne (2008)  „Without your tireless engagement, your clear view, your creativity and accuracy the Spendenmarathon would not have been possible. It is a real joy working together with such a professional like you are.“ (Achim Tirocke, RTL German TV, Spendenmarathon)

 A Thank You from Tansania (2009) „I would like to thank you for the wonderful cooperation. Your questions inspired me and were most welcome as a thread of the interviews.“ (Anke Engelke – German comedian)

An email from Berlin (2010)  „All those who have watched the video liked it very much. Thank you very much for that.“ (Mechthild Lensing, German Development Service)

A letter from Leverkusen (2011)  „It is comfortable to know how much we can rely on your engagement – even in tricky situations and against high-pressure deadlines.“ (Franz Rempe, Bayer AG)

A Feedback from Hamburg (2011)  „We all agree: You and your crew acted extremely professional, you adapted into our school processes and committed yourself to our way that is sometimes special. Brilliant!“ (Anette Berg, Langbargheide School)

Congratulations from Guetersloh (2012)   „Really a very thrilling video. Congratulations!“  (Ulrich Kober, Bertelsmann Foundation)

A Recommendation from Berlin (2013)  “Ulfert is one of the finest professionals and individuals I have had the privilege to have worked with.” (Nadja Freyholdt, atkon AG)

A Feedback from Bonn (2015) „What an amazing piece. Well done. For me you are a real artist.“ (Stefan Wilsmann, further school training coach)

An Email from Guetersloh (2015) „First 40 minutes of magnetized silence. Then a storm of enthusiasm. Thank you very much. This time you and your team have excelled yourself. Amazing.“ (Dr. Ina Doettinger, Bertelsmann Foundation)

A Well done from Thalmaessing (2016) „Really, really well done!! You are in person an outmostly pleasant film crew which is competent and experienced in school related matters. Unexitedly, flexible, effictive.“ (Ottmar Misoph, Basic Upper School, Thalmaessing)

A Thank You from Rostock (2017) “Once again I have learned a lot. I am impressed of your way of  understanding and looking into  our world. It has been a personal gain spending the day with you.“ (Andrea Krause, Head of Education, School Campus Rostock-Evershagen)

A Letter from Leverkusen (2018) “I would like to thank you and your team for the support. Your work was an important contribution to the success of the Bayer Annual General Meeting. A well-rehearsed, professional team is very valuable. It’s good to know that you can be relied on. “ (Markus Loeber, Bayer AG)

A Feedback from Guetersloh (2019) “I think your text is really, really good. I have no change requests. I wasn’t the only one who loved your photos. Our layouters are also really impressed. „(Ulrike Osthus, Corporate Communications, Bertelsmann Foundation)

An Email from Cologne (2020)
“Thank you very much for your great support at our online tastings in autumn.
The quality of the  live streaming  is now at a very high level thanks to your work.“ (Peter Klas, Owner Scotia Spirit Scotch Whisky Shop, Cologne)

A Chat message from Leverkusen (2021)
“Great work at an incredible pace. Many thanks.“ (David Lerch, Chairman’s Area, Bayer AG)

Hinter den Kulissen

Juni 2023: Dreharbeiten „14 Jahre die BoKa“ für die Bordkapelle der StattGarde Colonia Ahoj e.V., Köln

Februar 2022: Regie Global Leadership Summit, Fresenius Kabi AG

März 2021: Dreharbeiten Recruiting-Film Bordkapelle der StattGarde Colonia Ahoj e.V., Im Leuchtturm, Köln

Februar 2021: Livestreaming, Köln

Januar 2019: Fotoreportage für Change Magazin, Gambia

November 2018: Redaktionelle Betreuung und Regie CEO-Quartals-TV-Schalten für Bayer AG, Leverkusen

Juni 2018: Regie/BiMi Landesparteitag SPD NRW, Bochum

Mai 2015: Dreharbeiten Hauptversammlung Bayer AG, Köln (Foto: Michael Rennertz)

April 2015: Dreharbeiten in Espelkamp für Jakob Muth-Preis 2015 der Bertelsmann Stiftung

Mai 2014: Dreharbeiten in Bonn für die Bertelsmann Stiftung

November 2013: Dreharbeiten für die Preisträgerfilme zum Jakob Muth-Preis 2013/14 der Bertelsmann Stiftung in Hamburg, Schleswig, Ingelheim und Wolperath

März 2011: Dreharbeiten Hilfskonvoi Deutschland-Gambia der Projekthilfe Gambia e.V. – Westsahara

Juni 2010: Dreharbeiten Race Across America (RAAM) für Team Arndt

German Crew EMS0797
Juni 2009: Interview mit Ricky Martin in Puerto Rico. RTL Spendenmarathon (Foto: Enid Salgado)

September 2009: Dreharbeiten mit Birgit Schrowange in Köln. RTL Spendenmarathon (Foto: Stefan Gregorowius)

Oktober 2007: Dreharbeiten mit Eva Padberg in Georgien. RTL Spendenmarathon

Oktober 2007: Dreharbeiten mit Hannes Jaenicke in Dharamsala, Indien. RTL Spendenmarathon

Juni 2007: Dreharbeiten in London für Carl-Bertelsmann-Preis der Bertelsmann Stiftung

Mai 2007: Dreharbeiten mit Anke Engelke in Tansania. RTL Spendenmarathon (Foto: Stefan Gregorowius)

November 2006: CvD/RvD RTL Spendenmarathon (Foto: Stefan Gregorowius)

Oktober 2005: Interview mit Jürgen Klinsmann, Moldawien. RTL Spendenmarathon (Foto: Stefan Gregorowius)

Oktober 2004: Dreharbeiten mit Katja Burkard in Beslan/Süd-Ossetien. RTL Spendenmarathon

August 2004: Interview mit Cosma Shiva Hagen in Sierra Leone. RTL Spendenmarathon

Oktober 2003: Dreharbeiten RTL/n-tv in Gambia

Dezember 1989: Live-Reporter am Brandenburger Tor/Berlin. RTL Aktuell

1987 Dreharbeiten NDR Markt im Dritten

1986 Dreharbeiten RTL an der Berliner Mauer (Foto: Ministerium für Staatssicherheit)